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Egg trays are often called Filler Trays and usually have 30 pockets (that is, they hold 30 eggs). Eggs are either sold uncovered in the tray or labelled and wrapped with plastic film. The most important outlets for eggs in trays are in the food service industry (restaurants, institutions, hotels, etc.).

Egg Trays are generally natural in colour and have superior denesting capabilities. They are packed in bundles of 125 or 140 pieces. Egg Trays can be folded in half to make a 15 Egg Pack. This pack is normally labelled and then wrapped in plastic film (this is a cheap alternative 15 egg pack compared to a 15 egg carton).

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We Design and Manufacture Mould Tools for Paper Pulp Moulded products like Egg Boxes, Egg Trays, Apple Trays, Fruit Trays, Kidney Trays, Shrink Wrap Trays, Medical Disposable Trays, Hospital Disposable Trays, Surgical Disposable Trays, Food Trays, Pulp Trays, Bed Pans, Bio Degradable Plant Pots, Seed Pots, Egg Cartons, Molding Tools, Molding Dies, Food Packaging, Moulded Pulp Packaging, Moulds are made of high quality grades of stainless steel, bronze or copper alloy, aluminum, high density polymer and plastic on metal as well. Moulds are precisely designed and machined with CNC Vertical Machining Centers. Hot Press Moulds which are normally used for finishing the Pulp Products are made with high degree of surface finish and quality to get quality Moulded Products.


Mould Tools for Pulp Moulding Machinery. We have a wide variety of Moulds like Egg tray 15.5 lbs, 17 lbs, 20 lbs, and Universal Type. Egg Cartons for small, medium and large or Jumbo Eggs. 6+6 Egg Cartons are available with different type of lids to suit your printing requirement. Apple Tray Moulds for 20 cavities, 25 cavities, 30 and 35 cavities. Moulds for Mobile Packs, Shoe Inserts, and Industrial packing buffers.

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Molded Paper Pulp Hospital Disposable Products made of 100% moulded fiber are developed for medical and health care organizations. These products have ease of use, water resistant properties and easy disposal.

Hospital Disposable Products:- Kidney trays, Bed pans, Surgical disposal trays, Surgical disposal trays


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